e-MASTR is Dr Tapan’s regularly updated training platform, with a wealth of content perfect for learning on the go or as a refresher between patients. It covers a range of topics, from behind the scenes clinic business right through to consulting and treating your patients.

eMASTR subscribers receive exclusive discounts on Academy 102 training days, with multiple payment options for continuous access to great content. Separated by indication, there are multiple resources for different treatments, with a variety of techniques used, to show where they should best be used.

Subscribers have access to the e-MASTR community group forum, with direct communication from Dr Tapan and his team for feedback and discussions. Suggest content you want to see or talk about the latest techniques with other professionals.

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Get a year’s subscription to a range of videos, animations, and webinars, for less than the price of most day training courses, with high quality HD content accessible from any device. Please note that this is an annual subscription, for both quarterly and yearly payment plans.