Academy 102 Injectables Training Testimonials

August 12th, 2018

Academy 102 courses are centred around your personal aesthetic education needs, and aim to address the areas you select as your desired indications. So many of our delegates enjoy the training days, and have given us some really complementary reviews. Here are some of our injectables training testimonials so far.

“My name is Dr Shaikh and I am a general practitioner working in A&E with a background in anaesthetics. I’m new to aesthetics but I’m happy to say that it’s probably some of the best teaching I’ve ever had. I’ve also got to mention that I have seen Dr Tapan present at the ACE Conference, and based upon that I subscribed to eMASTR, which is again some of the best video teaching I’ve had… One can watch the videos time and time again to learn the expertise required. I’ve just done a 2 day masterclass with Dr Tapan, and I doubt there’s anything better.” - Dr A Sheikh

It’s been absolutely amazing, [Dr Tapan] has been so helpful, so transparent, and 100% I am going to recommend [the training course] to everybody I know.”

I would definitely recommend this training day to my peers, I think there’s been a really high trainer to delegate ratio.”

I didn’t expect to get so much hands-on [experience], I didn’t expect it to be so intensive.”

Outstanding. The team was amazing, Dr Patel answered all the questions, and he will base [the course] on your needs to help you further develop your skills.”

I think it’s one of the best training programs I have ever been on for aesthetics.”

Absolutely I would recommend it [to friends], I almost don’t want them to find out about it, because I feel like I have little tips that I don’t really want to share.” - Dr Anusha Dahan

Have you attended an Academy 102 course? Let us know what you thought of your experience. If you haven’t attended, you can find a date that suits you here.