Accredited Injectables Training At Academy 102

July 6th, 2018

Botox and filler training courses

Accredited injectables training at Academy 102 provides delegates with a rich learning experience, covering practical and theoretical elements of performing Botox and dermal filler treatments within an intimate setting. Dr Tapan is a firm believer in combining science and art when it comes to cosmetic injectables, and teaches his holistic methods of beautification through Academy 102.

Tailored training

When you book your place on one of our accredited injectables training days, our delegate liaison manager will ask which three areas you are most interested in treating. Using this information, Dr Tapan and his team are able to tailor the day to your needs, creating a bespoke learning experience that allows you to focus your unique intentions, rather than having to attend a generic course. Each Academy 102 day is specifically built around the individual needs of the attending delegates, and is therefore suitable for any practitioners of every experience level, offering 8 CPD points upon successful completion.

Training partners

Covering basic science and relevant anatomy of the areas highlighted by delegates, a swell as pharmacology, patient assessment and consultation, and managing complications, with supporting resources from eMASTR, our online training partner. Subscribers to eMASTR receive exclusive discounts on all of our masterclass days, as well as having access to a great bank of videos and animations that spans treating a range of conditions with Botox and dermal fillers, clinic management, anatomy with cadaver dissection, and more. This is the ideal partner to practical training, with videos easily accessible on any device and new content uploaded regularly, influenced by the needs of subscribers.

For more information about either Academy 102 or eMASTR, you can contact our delegate liaison on 01926 800703. Due to the nature of these injectable treatments, Academy 102 training days are only open to trained medical professionals. We do ask that delegates source their own models, though we can assist in selecting a model should this be a problem.