Injectable Cosmetic Training On Harley Street

August 3rd, 2018

Centre of excellence

Dr Tapan has established his vision for a centre of excellence across his clinic, online learning platform, and his training academy, all based in his clinical practice on Harley Street (PHI Clinic,eMASTR, and Academy 102, respectively). Set on the first floor of PHI Clinic london, Academy 102 sits in the heart of Harley Street, which is known nationally and internationally for its gold-standard medical and cosmetic practices in Marylebone, London.

Academy 102 draws on eMASTR resources for the theoretical element of training days, utilising the wealth of video and animation content for an enriching educational experience for delegates, who come from all over the world to engage with these masterclasses. eMASTR subscribers also receive discounts on training days, as well as year round access to the platform, that can be viewed from any device.

Dr Tapan's vision

Dr Tapan’s vision is to raise the bar in the industry, to ensure that every patient who has an elective cosmetic injectables procedure is guaranteed safe and effective outcomes. For this reason, Academy 102 courses are solely open to trained medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, dentists, and surgeons. These courses are not available to beauty therapists or similar non-medics, as the consensus among professionals in the industry is that these individuals don’t have the necessary in depth background knowledge that comes with completing medical training to safely perform these procedures or prevent and manage complications.

Injectable training

Injectable cosmetic training at Academy 102 essentially comprises of a theoretical lecture element, a live demonstration, and a practical session, with complications training and a Q&A, followed by a networking opportunity. Juvederm product is provided by Academy 102, but we do request that delegates bring their own model, though we can arrange this should there be a problem in sourcing an individual who presents with the indications you want to treat.

Book your place

To book your place on our next injectable cosmetic training day, you can call our delegate liaison manager today on 01926 800703. When you confirm your place, you will be asked which areas you want to focus on during this course, which allows us to create a tailored experience that is unique to your needs.

eMASTR subscribers receive discounts on training days, as well as year round access to the platform that can be viewed from any device.