Lip Filler Training Courses With Cannula

May 16th, 2018

As the demand for lip fillers rises, so should our knowledge and ability to perform such treatments on a range of patients. The debate that rages on is the classic ‘needle vs cannula’ conundrum, with strong opinions, pros, and cons on both sides. We always suggest that there is no right answer, and that whichever option you choose should be as a result of extensive practice and finding the method that suits you and your patients for the best results. Having a good grasp of both techniques and knowing when to employ them is vital for continuously high patient satisfaction all round.

Tailored courses

While we don’t do specific lip filler training courses, we do offer a tailored experience, taking into account the indications you want to treat to create a day that suits every delegate who trains with us. When you book onto the course, we will take your preferences for treatment, which then helps us create a day that fits around your needs.

Trainer to delegate ratio

We pride ourselves on high delegate to trainer ratios for our dermal filler training days, with a maximum of 3 delegates to every 1 practitioner. This guarantees that you will get one on one time with Dr Tapan and his team throughout the day in an intimate setting here at the clinic.

We ask that those who attend our courses arrange their own models in order to ensure that you are able to perform the exact treatment you want. If you are unable to do so, we can help with finding a model, but you should be prepared that they may have a different indication than the one you want to treat. If you are unsure about your model, you are welcome to send pictures to Dr Tapan, who can assess them and confirm they are suitable for treatment.

You can discuss this when you enquire or book your course by getting in touch with us on 01926 800703, or for eMASTR subscribers, take advantage of our private eMASTR community forum to communicate directly with Dr Tapan.